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Extra seats and restraints in Northern Rivers


We can help you with extra seats and restraints to keep your family safer. Dennys is an RTA authorised restraint fitting station.

Our staff has undergone specialised training so they can provide the following services:

  • Inspect and adjust your child restraint to ensure it is installed correctly. It is estimated that a high percentage of restraints are not installed properly leaving many children buckled in unsafely. We will make sure your child’s restraint is properly secured so you can be confident your little ones are safe in the car.
  • Fit a child restraint which requires vehicle modification. Not all seats work with all vehicles, if your vehicle needs modifying to accommodate the child restraint, we can help you.
  • Install additional anchorage points and other child seat fittings. Anchorage points make car seat installation quicker, easier and less likely to be done incorrectly. Some vehicles do not have enough anchorage points or top tethers for safe installation. We can install more anchorage points so you are not relying only on the car’s safety belt to keep the seat stable and secure.
  • Fitting of lap and lap-sash seatbelts. Adding additional safety belts is another way to ensure your vehicle is fitted out internally for safe travels for your family.
  • Baby seat fitting. Babies have special positioning needs, especially when infants are still too young to hold their heads up on their own. We will make sure your infant safety seat is properly fitted and installed.
  • Day care authorisation inspections.

Dennys can supply and install extra seating in cars, vans and trucks. Whether you need an extra seat to accommodate more people, we can install new seats into your vehicle safely and effectively.

If engineering is required on certain vehicles, we can put you in touch with the right person.

Ask about our extra seats and restraints services

We are happy to answer any of your questions or to set up a time to inspect your vehicle for potential safety issues.