Need a good night sleep? “The Latex Mattress Company” use 100% pure natural latex from the rubber tree “Hevea Brazilinsis” which is cultivated on a planned program of replanting, thereby supplying a sustainable supply of natural latex. It is a pure “Green” product with no fillers, extenders or additives.

The latex rubber has been orthopedically designed to have five posture zones for optimal posture and lumbar support providing total relaxation of the body, resulting in a deeper more restful sleep.



The Latex rubber has been orthopaedically designed to have 5 posture zones for optimal posture and lumbar support. This together with the complete absence of local high pressure points, provide total relaxationof the body, resulting in a deeper, more restful sleep.




Latex is non toxic when burnt. Upon ignition natural latex rubber produces smoke which is mainly carbon. The latex rubber is free from hazardous

and toxic chemicals.